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The hoi polloi regularly clamored to be on the show, including Michael Bloomberg and Lady Gaga.One that didn’t work out for logistical reasons was Katy Perry. “It was around the time of a record release of hers, and she had too many obligations so we couldn’t make it work.” Oh, and about that Jared-and-Ivanka elephant in the gilded room.Also Read: TJ Miller Says ' Silicon Valley' Is ' Only Going to Become Better With Me Not on It' (Video) In an interview with The Daily Beast, a woman who asked to remain anonymous and was identified by the publication as Sarah, said that she and Miller attended George Washington University and fell into the same comedy troupe, where they struck up a relationship.Sarah said the first encounter took place in 2001, recalling that she had “a lot to drink” and admitted that there are “parts of [the incident] I don’t remember.” Sarah said she remembered that she and Miller were “fooling around” at her apartment when he began “shaking me violently” and punched her in the mouth during intercourse.revealed it was Eric — and I still don’t know how that happened, I think they were just guessing — and we realized we couldn’t go down that road anymore, so we abandoned him,” Safran said.Then there was possibly Nate, because we never saw him send anything in to Gossip Girl.But in the end, it had to be Dan, because Dan’s a writer, observer, and could write in different styles.

Comedy Central did not immediately respond to The Wrap’s request for comment. In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct scandal, women and men alike have been more vocal about speaking out against unwanted sexual advances and contact.Also Read: TJ Miller Denies Sexual Assault Accusation From College Days: ' Lies Designed to Wreak Havoc' Ryan Mc Neely and Josh Martin created, wrote, directed, and served as executive producers for the series.Comedy Central ordered the project to series back in January, with Sean Boyle executive producing for Funny or Die, along with producer Caviar.For the tenth anniversary of ’s very first episode, we reminisced with co-creators Schwartz and Savage and executive producer Joshua Safran about the things that got left on the cutting-room floor (a box of giant dildos), that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump cameo, the casting that could have been (Jennifer Lawrence), and the doll Blake Lively was sending pictures of to her then-boyfriend Leonardo Di Caprio.Sorry, Lonely Boy, but the creators loved Chuck and Blair more, too.“Serena and Dan were the original couple because they’re in the pilot,” said Safran.

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    The hoi polloi regularly clamored to be on the show, including Michael Bloomberg and Lady Gaga.

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