The big bang theory 5x25 online dating

When Sheldon, who has no understanding of sarcasm, takes Penny's comment literally and turns around to go back inside, a frustrated Penny, who does not know of Sheldon's lack of understanding of sarcasm, storms into his apartment.Penny notices Sheldon playing his game, and curiously inquires.Leonard comes back to see a cat eating Penny's ice cream outside her apartment from her groceries that got dumped after her grocery bag broke open.When he enters his apartment, he sees Penny, now obsessed with Age of Conan, and Sheldon who is helping her.Meanwhile, Amy is going out on a third date with Dave, the man she has been seeing. She has been short on information about Dave to Penny and Bernadette, so they decide to spy on Amy and Dave's date, knowing the restaurant where they will be dining. Sheldon invites her into his apartment to wait until the locksmith arrives to open her door.

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After discussing the best approach to the task based on Sheldon's high standards, Howard thinks he has the perfect way to find that replacement to Amy. Penny's obsession for the game grows as she interrupts Sheldon again, this time in the middle of his sleep to ask him for advice.The next morning, Sheldon confronts Eric Gablehauser to mediate his problem with Leslie Winkle.When Amy points out a flaw in the plot of one of Sheldon's favorite movies, he vows revenge by ruining something she likes. Raj: When somebody looks at your dating profile, the first thing they see is your picture. Howard: I was just thinking about my mom and how sad my childhood was. Meanwhile, Leonard finds a way to manipulate Penny into doing anything for him, while Raj and Stuart set up online dating profiles. Beverly: When you were six years old, you walked in on me and your father naked. I just want to make sure you look fun and full of life, not like a body they just pulled out the river.

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