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Magas are not different from the Indo-Aryans, but their period of migrations differs.of some of the Daivajna clans say that they came from Gauḍa Deśa with their Kuldevatās (family deities). Sātoskār suggests that they are a part of the tribe and reached Goa around 700 BC. In 1472, the Bahāmanī Muslims attacked, demolished many temples, and forced the Hindus to convert to Islam.The word Śeṭ is a corrupt form of the word Śreṣṭha or Śreṣṭhin, which could mean excellent, distinguished, or superior.Over time the word was transformed from Śreṣṭha to Śeṭ.The hatred was so severe until the 19th century that only fear of the police kept the peace.Later, the Portuguese banned the use of Hindu symbols and wedding festival processions.Most of them can be called Saṅkara Jāti or mixed caste, and their social status varies from that of a Brahmin to those considered fallen or degraded. Paṇduraṅga Puruṣottama Śiroḍkara states that if they are related to any Rathakara tribe, they belong to the Rathakara mentioned in the Rigveda, and not other Rathakaras, which are of impure descent but there is not perfect evidence for any claim.

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It is rare to find a Christian Goan Shetṭ, while all the other castes find some representation in the convert society; A few historians have categorised them into the category of Sudirs or Śudras because the appellation they used, Chatim, was sometimes used by the lower castes.

Whether Hindu or Catholic, the community always enjoyed their social status, and were permitted to remain in Christianised parts of Goa, provided they kept a low profile, observed certain disciplines, and paid a tax of three xeraphims of (gold mohor) annually to the Portuguese.

These three groups later intermarried, and thus all the Brahminical Gotra Ṛṣis belonging to Aṅgira and Bhṛigu lineage were born.

The Magas are considered the ancestors of the Aṅgiras,and from these Magas, who married the Bhojaka women, modern-day Daivadnyas have descended.

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