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As Schur put it, the writers thought a lot about how they would "make sure if she won that we didn’t feel like we were watching a new show in Season 5…There’s a certain amount of familiarity that’s necessary, and we’re doing certain things to kind of reassure people at the end of the year that it’s not all going to be different" in a potential fifth season, if Leslie wins.In a few weeks, I'll post another piece with thoughts from Schur and other members of the cast on Leslie's run for public office, but I thought I'd offer a quick rundown of what will transpire the rest of the season. Obviously, Tom is way more into Ann than Ann is into Tom at the beginning, but it’s very casual and played almost entirely for comedy through the end of the year." Also this season: Episode 15, "Dave Returns" (Feb.But before we get to that, I asked Schur if Tom (Aziz Ansari) and Ann (Rashida Jones) will be dating for a while. 16) Leslie's old flame, former Pawnee cop Dave (Louis C."There could be other possibilities -- people offering her different things that would be better than being a city councillor.

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But the win would change Leslie's life, and the challenge was to alter her circumstances without changing the DNA of the show too much.As Adam Scott pointed out, Ben has an unfortunate history with police officers, who make him very nervous. "His retirement party is just a bar full of cops," Scott said."So after all of the awkwardness that happens at the dinner between Ben and [Dave], then they have to go to a bar that’s full of cops in uniform and it just doesn’t go well." Episode 16, "Jerry's Sweet Sixteen" (Feb.Wood selects Leslie as one of the local candidates who he profiles in an annual special."He's very popular, and we find out all five people that he profiled last year won their elections, in no small part because of the bump they got from him," Schur said.

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