Online text sex chatting with girls without registration

We're very good at catching predators, evident from the fact that we've shattered national records when it comes to large-scale sting operations.However, that is just one aspect of our work as a foundation.Everything from our history to our current status is covered here. We believe that regional chat rooms and social networking sites are the most ready and easy way for an individual to try to "hook up with" underage females.

Our history has made one thing clear: We are legal.

This category details the lengths to go to in order to ensure our work holds up in any courtroom scenario and why you should trust us. We are a part of our specially formed non-profit foundation.

The media aspect We're as known for working with the media as we are for working with law enforcement. We founded the Perverted Justice Foundation Inc as an umbrella non-profit for all our various projects, of which this website is a part.

We chronicle and catalog internet-related abductions and have on occasion aided efforts to find kids abducted via the internet. In fact, one of the individuals whose chat-log we posted on the website tried... He reported the website for what he called "Harassment." The end result was quite predictable however.

We also have a internship program for criminal justice students and in general, seek to raise awareness regarding internet predator to the public via our media efforts. No area of this country has laws against what we do because what we do is quite simple and lines up nicely with the bill of rights.

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