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All ticket holders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a ticketed adult. We will see you tonight and tomorrow at Arcada Theatre in St Charles (40 miles west of Chicago).

Remaining tickets may be purchased online here: Oct 23 - and Oct 24 - Hk HXq. These are the only shows on the North America tour that are not sold out - yet!

They’re grey and dark and wet and the sun seems to have gone into hibernation. Nothing beats leaving Holland in December to go to the sunny hills of Barcelona for Christmas. Weeks and weeks of abuse preceded the match, mostly of her saying things like: It was beautiful. Thirty years ago you would write a long, awe-inspiring romantic love letter, filled with long words and romantic rhyme, nowadays you just fire up the old computermachine and BOOM, you can see each other, hear each other and even see that you should probably shave your beard. However, when you’re at a dance floor in Spain, in between the small and delicate rhythmically moving bodies of the Spanish, shifting the weight of your tall Dutch body from one side to the other while you concentrate on the beat of the music, that’s not a pretty sight for anyone.

First milestone will be released after the translation of these pages: - Homepage (including all slides, but not the products - that will be in 2nd milestone): 916 words - About Us: 1037 words - FAQ: 378 words - Distributors: 125 words Total words for 1st milestone: 2456 words.

Enjoy Roger's new interview with Argentina's Tlam Agencia Nacional de Noticias for his March 11 and 12 Buenos Aires shows. Approximate English translation below: Former again on Saturday and Sunday in Argentina when he will offer two shows at the Teatro Gran Rex, located in Corrientes 857, in this city, where he will review classics from his old band, some compositions Of his solo stage and "two or three surprises that people have never heard".

"I know that music can be a wonderful medicine, an escape from problems for two hours, so I hope I can achieve that for some people.

Even though there is no possible way you can pronounce the ‘r’ in the word “perro.” As you listen to Spanish music and maybe even enjoy a Spanish movie (with subtitles of course), your confidence grows.

For additional details - We can’t wait to see you in August, “Dreamers,” - https:// A beautiful setting for what will be a most magical night under the stars! Don’t delay, as Roger’s 2014 visit to the Festival sold out very quickly. ❤ ~ Shakti & Linda Enjoy Roger's new enlightening interview with Chicago's Classic Rock 97.1 The Drive WDRV !Share with us on your local ticketing sites where you purchase tickets or on Roger's Facebook Page! If you’re contemplating a special gift for your loved ones, friends, and family this holiday season, why not share with them the gift of music that has touched your heart and lifted your spirit? For your favorite Music, Gift Certificates, and more, visit Roger Hodgson Here’s a preview of what you’ll experience - https:// Roger's looking forward to seeing everyone again this summer. Roger is returning to Rotterdam’s Luxor Theater June 26 and Amsterdam’s Koninklijk Theater Carr June 28 and 29.We live in troubled times because of the things that are happening, so the music can be a real help, "mused the musician, in dialogue with Tlam.Enthusiastic about this new visit to the country, a custom that opened in 1998 and became a constant in recent years, Hodgson said that the local public "won my heart from the first time I was in Buenos Aires." "I love the people of Argentina.

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