Dating harder nowadays online dating for actors

Some people find it easy to fall in love, others not so much.

We tend to fall in love with people who meet a certain criteria in our mind.

It’s become so common to see the people around us getting screwed over.

It’s practically impossible to trust someone these days.

Some people are incredibly shallow, and it doesn't help to know that a lot of people care about appearances when looking for a partner.

Hence, it can make a person proceed with extreme caution. Some people aren't necessarily willing to put in the effort and would rather break it off.

With this being said, for some people, it’s easy to walk out because they know they have other options.

I haven’t lived with a boyfriend, introduced anyone to my parents, or been on a mini-break.Hence, some people have a fear of commitment since it requires attention and dedication.Love requires us to confront our own laziness, impulsiveness and boredom, which is hard for most people to do.For some, love is a feeling of being in the moment much more than just being loved.For others, love requires a lot of personal growth.

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